Join us Friday March 12 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time for a free webinar featuring Prof. Glenn Loury of Brown and Ms. Jodi Shaw, formerly of Smith College, discussing how to overcome race and class divides in America. (Link to be posted soon.)

When Anti-Racism and Anti-Classism come into conflict, how can workers and employers and our culture as a whole best navigate a way of fairness? How can the search for fairness racially and economically unite rather than divide Americans?

Jodi Shaw publicly resisted Anti-Racism training for predominantly white lower-socioeconomic staff like herself at Smith as biased against low-status whites. A divorced low-income mother of two, she said she was forced from her job at the elite college.

Prof. Glenn Loury speaks from years of work on issues related to class and race, as a prominent economist and African-American public intellectual, concerned with bias while questioning the fairness of some Anti-Racism practices today.