Steve Balog, Owner/Operator of Camrig manufacturing.

Bently T. Elliott,  Corporate communications executive and former director of speechwriting for President Reagan.

Makoto Fujimura, Artist-Writer-Speaker, is Director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary, and founder of the Fujimura Institute.

David Kinnear is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, investor, and financial professional. David advocates for incorporating viewpoint diversity and the core principles of classical liberalism into university life. His writing, and civic and philanthropic work, focus on promoting the individual mind.

Manning Martus ‘21,  From Ft. Lauderdale, FL; DC resident. Interests in BPALC: Studying Constitutional rights, American values, and Second Amendment and veteran issues.

Ched Mertz and Rachel Mertz have decades of experience in both industry and civic work in the Pittsburgh area, and share concerns about religious freedom and ethics in education.

Charles Mitchell, CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation of Pennsylvania, brings a longstanding interest in U.S. constitutional government and in civic culture as a basis for American freedoms.

Doug Thomas Jr. is a recent graduate of Bucknell. A member of a Bucknell family, he hails from Tunkhannock, PA. . Major: Economics. Minor: Political Science. Interest in BPALC: Understanding the importance of intellectual diversity on college campuses as well the erosion of civil liberties around the nation with increased surveillance and overreaching policy at the local and national level of government.