Spring 2018, Integrated Perspectives Course, The Conservative Mind

Spring 2017, Terror with a Human Face


Fall 2018, SOCIOLOGY 265:  The Sixties and American Society: Conflict, Contravention, Consequences.  This is a course on major social, cultural and political conflicts and change in the US from roughly 1955-1975 and the long-term consequences in contemporary American life.  Close and critical examination of the New Left, civil rights movement, student movement, feminist movement, anti-Vietnam War movement, and the ’60s counterculture.

Spring 2019, Public Rhetoric and Journalism in Difficult Times. Study of Classical rhetoric together with examples of public rhetoric and literary journalism in the 1960s, with critical focus on the rhetoric of Richard M. Nixon, the Ken Burns-Lynn Novick series The Vietnam War, and the literary journalism of Tom Wolfe. Developing student skills in writing online for the public on controversial issues today.