Student Director, Isabella Carrega ’22, Majors: Classics and English. Minor: International Politics. Hometown: Flemington, NJ. Interests in BPAL: Studying viewpoint diversity, military history, and interpretations of events in American history, specifically  during the 1960’s.

Josh Kohler ’22, Major: Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. Hometown: Caldwell, NJ. Interests in BPAL: Constitutional law, conservative philosophy, issues of building community in American life, urban design. Eagle Scout and Spiritual Director at Catholic Campus Ministry.

Andrew Marinaccio ‘20, Major:  Physics,  Minor: Math. Hometown: Greenwich, CT.  Interests in BPAL: Understanding American political history and the significance of free speech.

Isabella Roache ‘23: Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Linguistics. Hometown: Cape May Court House, NJ. Interests in BPAL: Studying Constitutional rights and American values, while ensuring the preservation of the inalienable right to life and exposing the eugenic implications behind the abortion industry in the United States. 

Maximus Bean, ’24.

Nando Rezende de Carvalho, ’25. Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Cameron Cemuska, ’23, Major: Engineering