Isabella Carrega ’22, Majors: Classics and English. Minor: International Politics. Hometown: Flemington, NJ. Interests in BPALC: Studying viewpoint diversity, military history, and interpretations of events in American history, specifically  during the 1960’s.

Kevin Chabrier ‘20, Majors: Economics and Political Science. Hometown: Wilton, CT.  Interests in BPALC: Studying conservatism and viewpoint diversity on college campuses.

Andrew Marinaccio ‘20, Major:  Physics,  Minor: Math. Hometown: Greenwich, CT.  Interests in BPALC: Understanding American political history and the significance of free speech.

Manning Martus ‘21,  Major: Undecided. Hometown:  Ft. Lauderdale, FL; currently DC resident. Interests in BPALC: Studying Constitutional rights, American values, and Second Amendment and veteran issues.